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We at INSTASPON provide hemostatic product manufacturing consultancy,ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 documentation services for Hemostatic Medical Devices (eg. Absorbable Gelatin Sponge).


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INSTASPON hemostatic gelatin sponge. Most trusted gelatin sponge brand with the highest quality standard


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            > INSTASPON –  gelatin sponge designed to rapid hemostasis and ready to use dry.

            > After 5 Years of continuous research INSTASPON Gelatin sponge developed for rapid hemostasis

            > Sterile Gelatin Sponge is a Medical device intended for application to bleeding surfaces to achieve hemostasis

            > Gelatin sponge cut without fraying and is able to absorb and hold within its interstices, many times its weight of blood and other fluids.

            > Gelatin sponge is a water-insoluble, off-white, nonelastic, porous, pliable product prepared from purified Gelatin.


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               > Non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-immunologic and non-pyrogenic

               > Gamma sterilized – sterility confirms.

               > Biocompatibility passed according to ISO 10993 absorb in the body within 4 – 6 weeks when placed in tissues

               > Absorbs 40-50 times of blood in relation to its weight

               > It is produced of highly purified gelatin

               > READY to applied dry and soaked with antibiotics or with thrombin sealant

               > Has a neutral pH

               > Easy to use, Best quality, Safe, Reliable

               > Stop all kinds of oozing blood (capillary, parenchymal, or arteriovenous)

               > Complies with US Pharmacopoeia standards

               > Available in many sizes to fit common surgical procedures

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            ACTIONS of INSTASPON Gelatin Sponge

                > INSTASPON gelatin Sponge has hemostatic properties.

                > INSTASPON gelatin Sponge absorbs completely, with little tissue reaction, when excessive amounts are not used.

                 > When used in appropriate amounts, INSTASPON gelatin Sponge is absorbed completely within 4 to 6 weeks.

                 > In an animal implantation study, tissue reactions were  negligible when observed  macroscopically, and moderate when observed        

                 >When applied to bleeding mucosal regions, it liquefies within 2 to 5 days.



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           How to use INSTASPON- Absorbable Gelatin sponge

              A) Dry Use:

              1. Cut the INSTASPON Gelatin Sponge to the desired size and shape.

              2. Manually compress the INSTASPON Gelatin Sponge prior to applying to the bleeding site.

              3. Hold the INSTASPON Gelatin Sponge in place with moderate pressure until hemostasis is achieved.

              4. Removal of excess INSTASPON Gelatin Sponge upon achieving

              5. hemostasis can be accomplished by gentle irrigation of the site with a sterile saline solution to completely wet the sponge.

             6.Use only the amount required to achieve hemostasis and remove any excess.


             B) Use With Sterile Saline or Thrombin Preparation:

            1. Cut the INSTASPON Gelatin Sponge to the desired size and shape

            2. Immerse the INSTASPON Gelatin Sponge cut to size in the solution.

            3. Withdraw sponge and squeeze between gloved fingers to expel air bubbles.

            4. Return sponge to the solution until needed. 

            5. Blot sponge to desired dampness on gauze before applying to the bleeding site.

            6. Hold the INSTASPON Gelatin Sponge in place with gauze using moderate pressure until hemostasis is achieved.

           7. Removal of gauze is aided by wetting with a few drops of saline, which helps prevent removal of the INSTASPON Gelatin Sponge and clot.





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Solubility in water

Insoluble in water

Water absorbability

Absorb 45-50 times of its weight


Not more then 40 minutes

Residue on ignition

Not more then 2.0%


 Sterile – gamma sterilize as per ISO 11137




           > INSTASPON GELATIN SPONGE Mode of action is by formation of mechanical matrix that facilitates clotting.

           > It adheres to bleeding site and absorbs around 40-50 times of its own weight of blood.

           > Porous structure activates thrombocytes which triggers the release of substances that facilitates self-aggregation.

           > At the same time, it also makes thrombocytes to act as a catalyst for the formation of the fibrin, activating cascade of blood coagulation.


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        where to use INSTASPON – Absorbable Gelatin Sponge?

          > As a Hemostat in surgery,

          > Vascular Surgery, Partial Nephrectomy, Plastic Surgery, Gynaecological Surgery,

          > Orthopaedic Surgery, Otolaryngological Surgery, Otolaryngological Surgery

          > Anorectal Surgery, Abdominal Surgery, Dental Surgery, ENT Surgery, Hysterectomy, Neuro Surgery



        we also provide custom size manufacturing as per customer need

        Prices depend upon the size and quantity of the product



Product code

Product Name

Size (mm)

IS 805010

Instaspon Standard

80 x 50 x 10

IS 705010

Instaspon Standard

70 x 50 x 10

IS 805001

Instaspon Special

80 x 50 x 01

IS 705001

Instaspon Special

70 x 50 x 01

IS 8030

Instaspon anal Tampon

80 x 30

IS 101010

Instaspon Dental

10 x 10 x 10

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            (1) What is Absorbable gelatin sponge and its Mode of action?

            > INSTASPON Absorbable gelatin sponge best Hemostatic  Medical Device which is manufactured from purified gelatin 

            > intended for Rapid hemostatic action during surgery.

            > INSTASPON GELATIN SPONGE Mode of action is by formation of mechanical matrix that facilitates clotting. it adheres to bleeding site and

            > absorbs around 50 times of its own weight of blood. porous structure activates thrombocytes

            > which triggers the release of substances that facilitates their aggregation


          (2) What is the use of Absorbable Gelatin sponge?

          > Absorbable gelatin sponge is useful in most of surgical procedures to achieve homeostasis.

          > gelatin sponge uses in neurosurgery. to combine with topical thrombin it is uses in surgery         

          > gelatin sponge also useful in vaternery surgery  

          > use in general digestive surgery

          > use in ent surgery 

          > use in dental surgery 

          >use in plastic surgery

          > abdominal surgery

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