INSTASPON – gelatin tampon hemostat


instaspon anal gelatin tampon absorbable gelatin sponge fit speculum

    Gelatin Tampon Haemostatic Gelatin Sponge :

  • Instspon tampon fit speculum

  • A plug of soft material anal blood.

  • Apply with antibiotics,thrombinserted into the vagina to absorb menstru

  • Size of gelatin tampon is 80×30 mm (80 mm length x 30 mm diameter)


  • Instaspon gelatin Tampon is a spongy haemostat, made from hardened gelatin of porcine origin that is completely biologically degradable.

  • The large surface area of the sponge-like structure favours the adhesion of platelets and thus, leads to a rapid coagulation of the blood. Instaspon gelatin Tampons are supplied as rectangular pieces of various sizes.

  • Product is similer to gelfoam, Gelaspon, Surgifoam, Surgispon Gelatin sponge

    Mode of application

  • If not otherwise prescribed apply the tampon, either dry or moistened as desired, to the site of bleeding.

  • The tampon may be cut to the desired size with scissors.

  • Several Instaspon gelatin Tampons may be applied, if necessary.

  • Place Instaspon gelatin Tampon, of the size required for the area of application, on or in the wound.

  • The relevant wound should be cleansed of blood as far as possible.

  • Then gently press the tampon with a clamp or tweezers until adhesion by fibrin guarantees that it remains in place successfully.

  • Instaspon gelatin Tampon must not penetrate into the edges of skin wounds.

  • Instaspon gelatin Tampon is intended, in general, to remain at the site of application, but it can be removed after the blood flow has been staunched successfully.

  • Absorption takes place over a period of approximately 3 weeks as a result of phagocytosis and enzymatic degradation.

  • The rate of absorption is also dependent on the amount of Instaspon gelatin applied.

    Mode of action

  • Contact between gelatin and blood leads to platelet aggregation. The gelatine structure additionally stabilizes the coagulum.


  • 1 cm³ contains 10 mg absorbable gelatine sponge.



  • Tampon, to stop venous-capillary or parenchymatous haemorrhage, when suture of ligature is impossible or electro coagulation is impossible

  • For filling dead spaces in dental coagulum


  • Instaspon gelatin Tampon may not be applied to infected areas, since it can increase the severity of infections. Instaspon gelatin Tampon should not be used in conjunction with cemented endoprotheses since it reduces the adhesive strength of the bone cement.

  •  Known hypersensitivity to products of porcine origin


    Warning notes

  • Instaspon gelatin Tampons may appear similar to a patient’s tissue in imaging procedures. This has to be taken into account especially following neurosurgical tumor operations or spinal disc operations.

  • If the Instaspon gelatin Tampon is introduced incorrectly and/or in too large amounts, it may lead to compression due to swelling, which should be considered primarily in conjunction with neural tissue.


    Precautionary measures

  • on application Reduces the adhesive strength of bone cement. The effectivity of Instaspon gelatin Tampon is reduced by aggregation inhibitors and coagulation inhibiting pharmaceuticals.



  • Instaspon gelatin Tampons are Gamma sterilize .


    Other information

  • Instaspon gelatin Tampon should not be employed after the expiry date given.

  •  Instaspon gelatin Tampon should be stored at 25 ± 5°C. Instaspon gelatin Tampon must not be resterilized!