INSTASPON DENTAL SPONGE (absorbable gelatin sponge)

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  • Completely absorb after surgery                   

  • Stops blood fast

  • Natural product so side effect

  • Very low price

  • Gamma sterilize

  • Best individual packing 

  • manufactured from purified gelatin

  • similar to collagen sponge





collagen sponge chitosan sponge absorbable gelatin sponge manufacturer India

  • Bio-Absorbable haemostatic product made up from purified first grade gelatin

  • Absorbed biologically within 4-6 weeks with no side effects at all

  • Application of  Instaspon on the operated tissues, controls oozing and seal up the bleeding tissues immediately. This prevents blood loss from the deeper wounds and predominantly provides clean surface for the surgeons in Dental oral surgery

  • Non-allergenic and non-immunogenic properties



Use in Dental surgery:

  • The Cubes or Standard-piece can be used to stop bleeding during bone harvesting from the illiac crest by filling the donor site

  • Is mainly used in dental surgery to stop bleeding in extraction sockets or other surgical sites

  • Dento-alveolar surgery and extraction of teeth in patients with risk of hemorrhage

  • Surgical removal of oral tumors and leucoplakias

  • Maxillo-facial surgery

  • Regeneration of mucosal tissues removal of mandibular cysts

  • Surgical treatment of periapical and dental abscesses



SIZE of dental sponge  : 10x10x10 mm and 07x07x14 mm

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